Our Objectives

The goal - 2024 Paris Olympics.  Though this does not mean that our focus in solely on the elite.  To build a sustainable sport structure in Canada we will need to focus on:

Grassroots: Functional Fitness is a safe, rewarding, and easily accessed sport to many Canadians.

Officials: Sport officials need a development pathway the same way athletes do.

Coaches: Responsible and trained coaches are critical to the success of any sport.

Promotion: The sport of Functional Fitness exists in most Canadian regions.  There remains huge potential for growth and recognition of what our athletes do.

Sanctioning: Many Functional Fitness events are held in Canada each year.  CFFF can sanction events that meet the highest standards in safety and quality of experience.

Meet the Team


Ian Bennett


Ian is an Instructor at the University of Lethbridge, specializing in Sport Management, Adapted Physical Activity, Physical Literacy and Conditioning courses.

MikeF - Version 2

Michael FitzGerald

Technical Director, Calgary, AB

Michael is the owner of Optimum Performance Training and coaches Functional Fitness athletes around the world.


Karim El Hlimi

Director, Montreal, QC

Karim is a Functional Fitness coach at RX Labs and a fitness columnist for Global Television.


Jason Noel

Director, Vancouver, BC

Jason is a Functional Fitness coach at STUDEO55 in Vancouver.