The following standing committees are currently in operation - a huge thank you to all of these volunteers as they work to improve the infrastructure of our sport!

National Championships Committee

Chris Schaalo - Chair

Krista Pell

Ka Lee Chan

Kim Calouette

Elizabeth Potter

Chris Schaalo

Martha Woodruff

Oscar Tristan

National Officials Committee

Veronique Paquette (Head Judge) - Chair

Domestic Development Committee

Ian Bennett - Chair

Brett Shillington

Simon Damborg

Joe Scali

Travis Steinke

Alex Chretien



Athlete Committee

Lacey Truelove - Chair (also on the iF3 athlete committee)

Michael Grondin

Terry Butchart

Jesse Sherriff

Adaptive/Para-athlete Committee

Blair Knooihuizen - Chair

We are actively recruiting more members to help with our adaptive athlete committee.





Medical/Anti-Doping Committee

Amber Fripp - Chair (also on the iF3 medical committee)

Brent Gaudreau

Pierre-Marc Gervais