Recommended Practices:

  • Incorporate as a non-profit under your provincial societies act
    • Especially if you are going to be a facility and club owner. There are tax benefits related to the operation of a non-profit.  Speak with an accountant fluent in non-profit activity for more guidelines.
  • Create by-laws. This will be needed if you choose to incorporate, but is a good idea regardless.  Decide what driving factors are more important to your organization (participation, on-floor success, development, etc) and then create by-laws and policy to match those factors.  These give you solid ground to fall back on when decisions are made.
    • Your provincial society act will be able to provide you with a good framework for developing by-laws. You can also contact the CFFF for assistance.
  • Make connections with local businesses. Businesses are often ready to sponsor sport clubs within their municipality especially when they: have similar values, involve youth, promote health, and can get some visibility for their brand.  Functional Fitness clubs can achieve all of these.